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Lightning Bolts is an industry leader in bolts, anchors, screws,
and structural fasteners.

About Lighting Bolts

This Is Our Recipe For Success

Our Mission

Lightning Bolts is an industry leader in bolts, anchors, screws, and structural fasteners. Quality is our priority – and with fast response times, plus expert technical advice, and plenty of stock for large projects, we set the benchmark
in our industry.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs on all standard and hard-to-find Structural Fasteners. Through steady investments in inventory and state-of-the-art specialty manufacturing capabilities, Lightning Bolts offers a competitive
edge to all its partners.

Our Values

- Customer satisfaction provided by our commitment to the quality of our customer service.

- Personnal development achieved by professional challenges, trust, and a pleasant pro-teamwork environment.


Our History

We're A Small Team Of Storytellers,
Thinkers And Problem Solvers

2016: The business is officially incorporated by Guillaume Lachapelle and Vincent Gauthier.

2017: Our operations are up and running in our warehouse.

2018: Lightning Bolts hire its first employee, Alex Brisebois, who will later on become General Manager.

2019: The first Outside Sales representative is hired; Nicolas Desjardins. This is also the year where Lightning Bolts start cutting its own studs inhouse.

2020: The pandemic hits, the worksites are closed, the store is also closed to the public. However, with the company knowledge about import, an all-in move is made to secure an high value shipment of Class 2 3-Ply masks for the canadian hospitals that are in shortage.

2021: The team keeps expanding fast, as is the inventory. Our volume of import is climbing up significantly as the world supply chain is being disrupted. Lightning Bolts finds ways to make sure their customers receive stock on a regular basis to keep their projects going.

2022: The inventory is ever expanding and overflowing : an important portion must be stocked in outside containers. The decision is made to build a new warehouse and manufacturing facility.

2023: Moving into our new warehouse with triple the pallet space and state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture custom anchors and bolts. Lightning bolts will have the capacity to precisely cut, thread and bend north american steel.

2025: Phase 2 of the Building, which will double once more the stocking space and propulse our manufacturing capabilities even further.



We pride ourselves in offering a level of service that is not seen anywhere else in the industry.


Product Quality
And Tracability

With every structural fastener comes the guarantee that the highest quality of product standards are met.



Our manufacturing facility contains high end machinery to be able to create the perfect fastener



Our experts will work step by step with you to define the exact specifications.



Our warehouse contains a complete range of fasteners with a heavy
level of stock.

Our Team

Guillaume Lachapelle


Guillaume Lachapelle

Co-Founder / Co-Fondateur

I Co-Founded Boulons Éclair in December 2016 with Vincent Gauthier. Having my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, entrepreneurship profile at UQO, I had the chance to participate in numerous inter-university academic competitions in Business Strategy and Marketing for which my team was awarded podiums, and so been able to learn to surpass myself in my university journey. It was fulfilling a childhood dream to build the business from the ground up and support the awesome growth challenge we are currently experiencing.

I am proud of all that our team has accomplished since the beginning, and the emerging transformation propels the company among the leaders in its industry. It is a great pleasure to conquer new markets with a very competitive offer and with a very efficient team that has the well-being of the customers at heart above all. Today, I mainly deal with information systems and the evolution of the functionalities of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to be able to offer additional differentiation in the quality of our service, as well as sales and customer satisfaction. The constant improvement of our processes and quality are at the heart of my priorities.


J’ai Co-Fondé Boulons Éclair en décembre 2016 avec Vincent Gauthier. Ayant mon baccalauréat en Administration des Affaires, profil entrepreneuriat à l’UQO, j’ai eu la chance de participer à de nombreuses compétitions inter-universitaires académiques en Stratégie des Affaires et Marketing pour lesquelles mon équipe s’est vu discerner des podiums, et ainsi pu apprendre à me dépasser dans mon parcours universitaire. Ce fut réaliser un rêve d’enfance que de bâtir l’entreprise à partir de zéro et de soutenir le défi de croissance tout à fait stimulant.

Je suis fier de tout ce que notre équipe a accomplis depuis le début, et la transformation qui émerge propulse l’entreprise parmi les chefs de file dans son industrie. C’est un grand plaisir que de conquérir de nouveaux marchés avec une offre très concurrentielle et doté d’une équipe très performante et qui a le souci du bien-être de la clientèle à cœur avant tout. Aujourd’hui, je m’occupe principalement des systèmes d’information et de l’évolution des fonctionnalités de notre système ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) afin de pouvoir offrir une différentiation additionnelle dans la qualité de notre service, ainsi que des ventes et la satisfaction de la clientèle. L’amélioration constante de nos processus et de la qualité sont au cœur de mes priorités.

Vincent Gauthier


Vincent Gauthier

Co-Founder / Co-Fondateur

I Co-Founded the company in December of 2016 with my business partner, Guillaume Lachapelle. Back then, we were both studying business at university. My background is in accounting and finance. For the first two years, we ran the business together and had to wear lots of hats. We took care of everything from sales to purchasing and accounting. It certainly allowed us to fully understand the importance of every department of the business.

In 2018, we hired our first employee, and the team has been growing fast since then. I couldn’t be prouder of all the people that make Lightning Bolts what we are today and I’m very excited for the future. Today, I mainly deal with business development and client relations. My priority is to ensure that Lightning Bolts is recognized as a leader in its industry, but above all as a company that takes care of its customers.

J’ai Co-Fondé l’entreprise en décembre 2016 avec mon associé, Guillaume Lachapelle. À l’époque, nous étudions tous les deux l’administration à l’université. Ma spécialisation est en comptabilité et finance. Pendant les deux premières années, nous avons dirigé l’entreprise ensemble et avons dû porter de nombreux chapeaux. Nous avons fait de tout, des ventes, aux achats, à la comptabilité. Cela nous a certainement permis de bien comprendre l’importance de chaque département de l’entreprise.

En 2018, nous avons embauché notre premier employé et l’équipe s’est rapidement agrandie depuis. Je ne pourrais pas être plus fier de toutes les personnes qui font de Boulons Éclair ce que nous sommes aujourd’hui et je suis très enthousiaste pour l’avenir. Aujourd’hui, je m’occupe principalement du développement des affaires et des relations clients. Ma priorité est de faire en sorte que Boulons Éclair est reconnu comme un chef de file de son industrie, mais avant tout comme étant une entreprise qui à la satisfaction de ses clients à cœur.

Alex Brisebois

General Manager

Alex Brisebois

General Manager / Directeur Général

Alex was Lightning Bolts first employee. He was hired as a sales support and has been with us since 2018. His passion and involvement in the company make him an irreplaceable asset. In 2020, he became the General Manager of Lightning Bolts and shareholder of the company. He knows how to motivate and lead by example. His leadership skills make him our team captain; he teaches good work ethics and makes sure the work environment is enjoyable for everyone.

Alex a été le premier employé de Boulons Éclair. Il a été embauché en tant que support aux ventes et est avec nous depuis 2018. Sa passion et son implication dans l’entreprise font de lui un atout irremplaçable. En 2020, il devient Directeur Général de Boulons Éclair et actionnaire de la compagnie. Il sait motiver et montrer l’exemple. Ses compétences en leadership font de lui le capitaine de notre équipe; il enseigne une bonne éthique de travail et s’assure que l’environnement de travail est agréable pour tout le monde.

Nicolas Desjardins

Business Development

Nicolas Desjardins

Buyer – Business Development / Acheteur – Développement des Affaires

Nicolas was the first sales representative hired by the company. He has been with us since 2019. His role has evolved a lot with the needs of the company. Being part of the team during the period of rapid growth, he was able to adapt and help on many levels. Today, he holds the position of Buyer and Director of Business Development. His extensive knowledge of the company and the many products on the market are next to none.

Nicolas a été le premier représentant commercial embauché par l’entreprise. Il est avec nous depuis 2019. Son rôle a beaucoup évolué avec les besoins de l’entreprise. Faisant partie de l’équipe pendant la période de croissance rapide, il a su s’adapter et aider à plusieurs niveaux. Aujourd’hui, il occupe le poste d’Acheteur et de Directeur du Développement des Affaires. Sa connaissance approfondie de l’entreprise et des nombreux produits sur le marché est inégalée

Philippe Gauthier

Warehouse Manager

Philippe Gauthier

Warehouse Manager / Directeur D’entrepôt

Philippe made his debut with Lightning Bolts in 2019 on a part-time basis when he already had another full-time job. In 2020, as soon as the opportunity arose, Philippe accepted a full-time role. That’s a perfect example of his commitment to the company and his work ethic. Following his hiring, he quickly progressed within the team and, in 2021, he became the Warehouse Manager. He takes charge of a growing team and manages a crucial part of the operations. He likes to learn and accepts all new challenges that arise.

Philippe a fait ses débuts avec Boulons Éclair en 2019 a temps partiel alors qu’il occupait déjà un autre emploi à temps plein. En 2020, dès que l’opportunité s’est présentée, Philippe accepte un rôle à temps plein. C’est un exemple parfait de son engagement pour l’entreprise et de son étique de travail. Suite à son embauche, il cheminé rapidement au sein de l’équipe et, en 2021, il est devenu le Directeur de l’Entrepôt. Il prend à sa charge une équipe grandissante et gère une partie cruciale des opérations. Il aime apprendre et accepte tous les nouveaux défis qui se présentent.

Robert Brisson

Outside Sales

Robert Brisson

Outside Sales / Ventes Externes

Robert was hired in 2020 as an Outside Sales Representative and had immediate success with the company. It is largely thanks to his efforts that we have succeeded in breaking into new markets such as Ontario, Western Canada, the Maritimes, and the Eastern United States. He now has over 15 years of experience in B2B sales. Robert is rigorous and organized. His contagious good humor and his charisma make him an ideal co-worker and business partner.

Robert a été embauché en 2020 en tant que Représentant des Ventes Externes et a connu un succès immédiat avec l’entreprise. C’est en grande partie grâce à ses efforts que nous avons réussi à percer dans de nouveaux marchés comme l’Ontario, l’Ouest Canadien, les maritimes et l’Est des États-Unis. Il a maintenant plus de 15 ans d’expérience dans la vente B2B. Robert est rigoureux et organisé. Sa bonne humeur contagieuse et son charisme font de lui un collègue et partenaire d’affaires idéal.

Chanel Carle


Chanel Carle

Finances / Finances

Chanel was hired in 2021 as head of Finance. She quickly took charge of all the financial aspects of the company, which was then managed by the 2 co-founders. Her organization and attention to detail allowed the company to keep track of its finances and profitability during a period of rapid growth. Chanel is a perfectionist and talented at analyzing the data presented to her. The systems she put in place allow Lightning Bolts to properly assess the opportunities that will allow the company to move to the next level.

Chanel a été embauchée en 2021 à titre de Directrice des Finances. Elle a rapidement pris en charge tout l’aspect financier de l’entreprise qui était alors géré par les 2 co-fondateurs. Son organisation et soucis du détail on permit à l’entreprise d’assurer un bon suivi de ses finances et de sa rentabilité pendant une période de croissance rapide. Chanel est perfectionniste et talentueuse pour analyser les données qui lui sont présentées. Les systèmes qu’elle a mis en place permettent à Boulons Éclair de bien évaluer les opportunités qui vont permettre à l’entreprise de passer au prochain niveau.

Denis Devost

Inside Sales

Denis Devost

Inside Sales / Ventes Internes

Denis started with Boulons Éclair in 2021 as an Inside Sales Representative. He has over 10 years of experience in industrial sales, and, over the years, he has acquired expertise in technical sales. He knows how to ask the right questions and listen to the customer. With his positive attitude and his thirst for learning, he immediately integrated into the team. Its values align perfectly with those of Lightning Bolts; he’s a real team player.

Denis started with Boulons Éclair in 2021 as an Inside Sales Representative. He has more than 10 years of experience in industrial sales and, over the years, he has acquired expertise in technical sales. He knows how to ask the right questions and listen to the client. With his positive attitude and his thirst for learning, he immediately integrated into the team. Its values ​​align perfectly with those of Boulons Éclair; he’s a real team player.